Sunny or Rainy An effective track & trace COV-ID system with kitchen/bar printers and ePos compatibility. Don’t stress! One system which suits all.

First days of re-opening was tough? We Gotcha!

Easy, Fast, Safe

Order@Table is a new ordering system developed by our experience team at Epos Anytime. It allows your customer to order directly from their mobile/tablet device while sitting on the table, and the order is then received directly into your ePos system. This provides you with an effective track & trace system and puts you 1 step ahead of your competitors.

All screen sizes

How It Works?

1. Your customer will scan the QR code on the table using their mobile phone, it will take them to your restaurant table ordering page, it will
intelligently know which table the customer is located.
2. The customer will enter the number of guests on the table.
3. They will start to create there ordering by our simple one touch ordering system.
4. Once they have finalised the order, they can make payment within the app.
5. Once the order is complete, you will get an alert on your ePos system, which will show the table number, number of guests and the complete
order so you can fulfil it as soon as possible.

We Support Multiple Printers

weather-1Dessert Stations


weather-4Customer Final Print

weather-5Bar Printer

Take an Active Approach to Re-open

Keep your staff and customers safe

Save Money

Reduce waiters and workload allowing you to save time and money, and making your customer experience smooth.

Reduce Queues

Customers order and pay immediately on arrival, allowing you turn around your tables much quicker.

Accurate & Efficient

Eliminating mistakes, which helps improve customer service, allows your to focus on new orders and eliminate wastage and costs.

Capture Data

Building a customer list for future targeting of offers, and promotions.

Social Distancing Rules

Allowing customers to feel safe by adhering to social distancing rules and regulations.

Free Marketing

A nice table display with instructions how to order from there, but also promoting your brand.

Enough looking,
Get a table ordering

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